Sunlite Suite 2 Basic Class

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Sunlite Suite 2 Basic Class

Sunlite Suite 2 Basic Class

Mã sp : Sunlite Suite 2

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Sunlite Suite 2


Sunlite Suite 2 is the latest version of Nicolaudie's flagship 
software. Designed for theater, live shows, clubs and high end 
architectural, the software sets the standard for advanced DMX control. 
Along with a new design, Suite 2 comes with a variety of new features



Download Sunlite Suite 2 Brochure


 Suite 2 Brochure








The unique page concept has been at the heart of Sunlite since the very first product over 15 years ago. Each lighting fixture type has it‘s own page which is built automatically depending on the fixture personality (SSL2 profile). Quick access switches are created to call presets such as color and gobo. dynamic moving and color changing effects are automatically built. XY and color mixing components allow for quick control of your lighting fixtures, without the need to program anything!




The button editor is your lighting design toolbox. Here is where the lighting programming is made. Lighting fixtures can be controlled with channel faders or using the preset window for quick and easy access to presets such as pan/tilt and color mixing. Scenes can be built with one of the available tools including EasyStep, EasyTime, DMX Input Recorder and the Followspot Calibrator.



Easily create stunning effects with the EasyTime editor. Drag and drop color mixing, Pan/Tilt, chaser, wave and gradient effects. The matrix effects can be placed onto a virtual canvas called a RECT. All effects on a RECT are applied to the lighting fixtures underneath which makes this the perfect tool for pixel mapping. The matrix effects include picture, video and text mapping.

Easy Remote


Take full control of your lighting from your smartphone or tablet, whether it is to position your lighting on the stage or to design a simple user interface for a bar owner. Easy Remote allows you to remotely control Sunlite Suite 2 over WiFi from your iPhone, iPad or Android device. The Easy Remote app is available for free and can be used on many devices simultaneously allowing you to build a full wireless control solution!



The console is Sunlite's remote control hub. Load up a design and link a MIDI, DMX or EasyRemote controller with almost everything in Sunlite Suite 2. The console can be used to trigger scenes, change the dimmer, speed, size and phase of a scene, control Pan/Tilt, set palettes and more.

Console Builder


Design your own Live screen with the console builder. Add buttons, faders, dials, color wheels, XY grids and more. Use the default skins or create your own images. The console builder is perfect for replicating MIDI and DMX consoles, or for creating your own touch screen or Easy Remote screen.



Palettes are available for positions, colors, beams or any other channel. You can save a channel value into a palette and then use the same palette in many different scenes. If you need to update the position or color of a fixture, simply update the palette and all the corresponding scenes will be updated automatically.



A Cycle is a cue-list of scene and switch buttons. Cycles can be recorded in real-time, or scenes can be dropped onto the timeline. Within a Cycle, scenes can be triggered by time, by a GO button, or synchronised with MIDI Time Code.



Never miss a beat with the Audio Analysis, now featuring a brand new advanced beat detection engine to synchronize your light and sound.

Easy Show


Bringing together your audio, video, lighting scenes and MIDI timecode, Easy Show provides an effortless way to integrate your full multimedia show.

Stand Alone


Store your show inside the Suite2-FC or FC+ interface to run without a computer. Recall scenes using an Infra Red remote, smartphone/tablet and more.

3D Visualizer


Build your show in 3D. Vizualize light beams, colors, gobos and beam effects. Easy View 3D allows you to import and position lighting fixtures and objects. The real-time rendering engine allows for programming to be made away from the stage, or to impress clients with 3D videos and 2D plot prints.

Scan Library


Build a fixture profile to add to the largest fixture library in the world, with over 10,000 SSL2 profiles




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